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April 2015  

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Annual Flower Rotations

Vibrant and colorful annual flower beds are one of a landscape’s true focal points of interest and beauty. While trees, shrubs, and masonry hardscaping provide shape and texture for a landscape, perennials and annual flower rotations add color and are often the focal point of interest and beauty.

Through knowledge of what blossoms seasonally, Rossen Landscape can assure you that something lovely will be blooming or providing interest as you turn each page of your calendar . By mixing flowering shrubs, bulbs, and perennials, garden color does not have to be a spring-only event, as even winter is not excluded.

Our horticulturalists will assist you to choose those varieties that suit the light, soil, and moisture conditions in different parts of your landscape. . They also have the knowledge and resources to help you select deer-resistant plantings so that your investment stays off the food chain.

Speaking of color, how about annuals? Annuals provide instant color gratification and also provide the longest show of color. But, as you know, most garden centers have a lot of the "same old, same old". Rossen Landscape provides relief by offering an extensive variety of exotic and uncommon annual flowers. 

Check out some examples in our Plant Palette section here!